Two Free Groups Every Counselor Should Join

March 1, 2018

Just because college admissions news doesn't dominate mainstream media headlines doesn't mean you can't stay connected to breaking news that could help the next student waiting in line outside your office.

Here are our two groups our team find helpful for keeping up to date.


#2. The NACAC Exchange

NACAC itself is a paid membership organization, but their email exchange listserv is free for all counseling professionals.

While many posts can be about a singular student case or situation, it's a nice place to see counselors around the country and world interact. The Exchange is a sometimes entertaining and usually informative read, with around a dozen posts and responses a day. Some industry players, such as the Common App, College Board, ACT, and others are known to lurk in the forum and may respond every now and then to make announcements or respond to questions.


Pro tip: sign up for the daily or weekly digest, not every email.


Sign up for the NACAC Exchange here.


#1. College Admissions Counselors (or CAC) Group on Facebook

Founded by admissions veteran Bob Turba (website highly recommended) and joined by Jon Boeckenstedt of DePaul, the closed (must be invited/apply) College Admissions Counselors group is likely by far the most active community of admissions counselors on the internet.


One particularly nice thing about CAC is the laid-back, supportive, and even "fun" culture. CAC rules rules and guidelines laid out clearly in a Google site and the tone of posts is collegial and genuine.


In order to join, there is an application process that requires a bit of focus, so be prepared to answer some questions. Please make sure you read their rules carefully and comply with them.


Access the CAC Group here.


These two are just scratching the surface of all the affinity groups and professional learning communities of counselors out there. Look forward to hearing more on this.

Are there any resources or groups that you know about or use? Let us know!

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