Introducing Channel CCR

March 1, 2018


Hello, college and admissions counseling world professionals! 


We are thrilled to launch our contribution for the hardworking professionals working in college and career readiness: Channel CCR, a resource website featuring regularly updated original content that helps keep counselors informed, advance their professional knowledge, and keep in touch with the latest industry stories and developments.


You may join our mailing list to get an occasional, non-spammy, update from us to stay connected. 

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Channel CCR is here to help all professionals in college and admissions counseling connect with the latest news, resources, technology, and community stories that are relevant to their practice and to make their lives easier. And doing so in a way that is fiercely independent, human-focused, and reflects our greatest character and integrity.


That means we are for high school counselors, college admissions professionals, independent consultants, and those innovating in the technology space.


Our mission is to lower the barriers between good practices and hard-working counselors in order to help all students. 


We are staffed by a team of highly motivated college admissions officials, public and private high school counselors, and education professionals.


Our aim is to create to a diverse and inclusive community for all college admissions professionals, in support of all students to level the playing field inclusive of first generation students and affirming of diverse race/ethnicity, social class, access to resources, level of ability/disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, family type, or language.


We're so excited to start this journey with you!


- The Channel CCR Team

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