Video Roundup: 7 College Students Tell It Like It Is

March 2, 2018

The anticipation and should we say - dramedy - of May 1 is fast approaching. We can't wait.


Get your Costco Kleenex, streamers, and balloons ready. Here are some videos you can share to help your seniors emotionally prepare and like, cope, and help your underclassmen develop a better concept of how college actually feels. These recently or helpful updated student video bloggers on YouTube share their ups and downs in an authentic, true-to-life, fashion.


The great thing about student vlogs is that they can give a more authentic view than a college website. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of these vloggers are California-based. However, almost every school we looked into has some student presence on campus.


Are your students already doing this? If not, having high school students scour YouTube for their top schools is a great way to run a college search exercise. We'll be sharing more on this soon.


Conan Gray @ UCLA: First Week of College ✏️📘

Kris Hui @ San Jose State: How to be Studious AF

Jaden Chav @ Salt Lake Community College: 

Kianna Naomi @ Loyola Marymount University: Day in my Life

Isaac Vazquez @ Penn State: MY COLLEGE DORM TOUR!!!!!!!

CatCreature @ Rhode Island School of Design: Dorm Move In

Kayla Pimental @ UC Berkeley: STUDYING FOR A MIDTERM


Are any of your students applying to these schools? While college are still stepping up their social media game, it's great to see students getting ahead of the curve.


If you have any cool vlogs to share, or if any of your students are creators, we'd love to share their work! Just email us at channelccr@gmail.com.

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