Every #NeverAgain College In One Site

March 7, 2018

Alex Garcia, a college junior UC San Diego, has compiled a fantastic resource site at www.neveragaincolleges.com. Rather than just a list, this computer engineering major has created a constantly updated, filterable, sortable, and actionable website that serves as a resource for high school students and more.


Neveragaincolleges.com lists the status of 357 colleges and whether or not they have a confirmed statement committed to "defending the #NeverAgain Movement", or in other words have reassured current high school students that their activism activities will not be held against them in the admissions process.


The three phases of a college are "Confirmed Statements", "Insufficient Statements", and "No Statements".


In addition to the searchable, filterable web site, there is a:

- Google Document



- Twitter: @NeverAgainColls

- Email: NeverAgainColleges@gmail.com


Perhaps the most compelling feature on this site is the ability for users to call on Universities to take action. By clicking on an unconfirmed school, users can connect with specific schools via social media.


 Not too shabby! This website serves as a prime example of how technology and activism can come together in a time-bound wave at the forefront of a social change movement. Alex Garcia certainly has a bright future ahead.


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