Reactions: Random Roommates Only at Duke

March 9, 2018

Duke University recently made an announcement that students will no longer be able to choose their roommates. And boy, does everybody have an opinion.


Why Eliminate Roommate Choice?

In Duke's announcement, reasons including a better educational and social experience are cited:


"In the last few years, we've seen increasing numbers of students who have pre-selected roommates, often with very similar backgrounds to their own," the statement read. "While this may make the transition to college seem somewhat easier, we've also seen that this can work against your having the best educational experience in the long term."


Indeed, college is a time to explore situations beyond those most familiar to a student. However, is that the role of a college admissions or housing department?

Reactions below the announcement.


Reactions Roundup: Is This Forced Inclusivity?


Washington Examiner: Duke's roommate selection process to be randomized for diversity's sake

Quoting a current Duke student, “I love the idea of students from different socioeconomic backgrounds and races coming together because that's how cultural competency happens. But, as a black person coming from a low socioeconomic background, the potential of living with a rich white male is terrifying,”


Student Papers: The Daily Tar Heel & The Duke Chronicle (Second Article)

Inside Higher Ed: Random Roommates Only

"Duke University takes away from first-year students the ability to pick their roommates. This move goes against recent trends -- and raises questions about diversity, tolerance and the college experience."











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