SAT 2018 U.S. Test Dates

March 13, 2018


Here's the latest from the SAT. While this is very common information, it is still a very popular search engine term and sadly common sources of misinformation do exist out there.


This post serves as a definitive source for 2018-19 SAT dates, per the primary source College Board via this link. 







May 5th Test Date, 2018

  • Registration Deadline April 6, 2018

  • Late Registration Deadline April 17, 2018 (mailed) and April 25, 2018(online & phone)

  • Deadline for Changes April 25, 2018

June 2nd Test Date, 2018

  • Registration Deadline May 3, 2018

  • Late Registration Deadline May 15, 2018 (mailed) and May 23, 2018 (online & phone)

  • Deadline for Changes May 23, 2018

August 25th Test Date, 2018


October 6th Test Date, 2018


November 3rd Test Date, 2018


December 1st Test Date, 2018

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