Monumental: National Student Walkouts

March 15, 2018

(Photo Credit: NBC News)


For many students around the country, Wednesday March 14th marked a day of action around the rising student-led gun control #NeverAgain movement.


Sparked by the school shooting incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas one month prior, students of all ages walked out at 10:00am EST in cities all across the country. 


In anticipation of this and similar events, college and universities have made public statements that participation in these events would not adversely affect admissions decisions.


Based on the school setting and political climate in which students reside, they may have been subject to disciplinary actions, risks, and suspensions at their school.


However, that did not prevent thousands upon thousands of students from turning up en masse around the country.




New York Times: National School Walkout: Mass Student Protests Against Gun Violence Across the U.S.


The Morning Call: Lehigh Valley students walk out of school: 'This is a call to action'


The Baltimore Sun: Student walkout: Protest has a price


Reuters: 'ENOUGH': Student walkout sends message on gun violence


NBC News: Students demand action on gun violence with nationwide walkout


Did any of your students participate?

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