Admissions Myths: Help Your Students (And Parents) Understand "How It Works"

March 30, 2018


Georgia Tech's admissions blog is an often entertaining, insightful, and frankly honest glimpse into the inner workings of a selective college admissions office.


Their recent two-part blog post series "That's Not How It Works" outlines some of the urban legends or through-the-grapevine "fake news" rumors that float around, especially during the admissions spring. It also outlines some parent or student actions that can be frustrating to patient college admissions offices - or are simply not effective.

 "That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works"

The first installment covers topics like turning down an acceptance letter to let a waitlisted friend in, showing up on campus without a scheduled visit, and how to appeal admissions decisions.


The second encourages students not to deposit to more than one school, understand the logic behind in-state tuition, not compare themselves to other students who may or may not have gotten in, and understand financial aid packages relative to actual cost (and the business forces that drive college admissions).


We encourage you to check out these helpful articles: Part I and Part II on the Georgia Tech Admissions Blog


Have you or any of your students experienced any of these pitfalls? We want to hear about it! Let us know!

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