New Briefs: Harvard vs. Students for Fair Admissions on Admissions Confidentiality

April 4, 2018

Affirmative Action has remained a controversial topic in the last few admissions cycles, and it is not going away anytime soon. The Department of Justice, under President Trump, is currently reviewing Harvard's race-based admissions policies, while an ongoing lawsuit from Students for Fair Admissions continues to develop.

Students for Fair Admissions, a nonprofit membership group claiming over 20,000 members, has been engaged in multi-year campaigns against affirmative action in college admissions. This includes a lawsuit filed against Harvard University in 2014 currently awaiting trial as soon as summer 2018. 


As the Harvard Crimson recently reported, both Harvard University and SFFA have outlined their arguments both in defense of and against the current affirmative action policies in Harvard admissions.

While Harvard has provided redacted admissions documentation and opposes the public filing of these documents, SFFA is making the case that these documents should be released based on strong public interest.


It goes without saying that "lifting the covers" of perhaps the most talked-about college for admissions would bring substantial interest from researchers, parents, students, and college counselors.


The arguments both for and against confidentiality and transparency will come down to deliberations with the involvement of Judge Allison D. Burroughs who is presiding over this case.

A hearing is scheduled next Tuesday, April 10th in Boston.


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