3 Admissions Headlines You're Guaranteed To See EVERY Year

April 7, 2018

Reading admissions news in April may have you feeling a bit like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Things seeming just a bit too familiar? Well, that's because they are!



#3 - "This Student Was Accepted To EVERY League School"


Without fail, the mainstream media will report on a student (or students) who applied to EVERY Ivy League school, and "swept" the admissions game. Usually this includes a full ride. Congratulations to all of these students!


Micheal Brown, 2018

Kelly Hyles, 2016

Stefan Stoykov, 2015 


#2 - Perfect SAT/ACT Score Achievement: Unlocked


Grown politicians aren't the only ones who can score perfectly on tests! While these headlines may trend more highly for local or regional news, every counselor is virtually guaranteed to run across one of these articles each year.


If you haven't yet in 2018, here is Sebastian Perez' story.


#1 - "Colleges Have Never Been So Selective!"



 The "Selective Schools Are Selective" story line has taken an especially salacious turn this year, with multiple Ivy League colleges reporting record-high selectivity. Much like record-high climate change rates, these are largely the result of manmade forces. Unlike global warming, however, lower-and-lower admissions rates come in part from the manmade effect of over-sensationalized news and media articles.

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