New Report: 😱 92% Of State Grad Reqs Don't Qualify Students For Local Universities

April 12, 2018

A recent report from the Center for American Progress casts a light on the disparity between rising graduation rates nationwide and a frustratingly deep divide between attaining a high school diploma versus actually being prepared for post-secondary opportunities.

This audit dives deep into the actual specific subject-level high school graduation requirements in contrast with entry requirements at their corresponding state colleges.


Here is what you need to know as a counselor:


1. Are High School Diplomas doing the job?


Not according to this report. 92% of state high school diploma requirements were found to fail to meet the admissions criteria for states’ respective public university systems.


2. Which Subjects Are Most and Least Aligned?

According to the audit, Foreign Language trailed all other subjects in alignment by far, with 23 states' high school requirements not meeting college expectations. Out of core subjects, math trailed the pack, with 8 states not meeting college expectations.


3. Which states actually align?


Only four states; Louisiana, Michigan, South Dakota, and Tennessee, have high school graduation requirements that align with college entry requirements for admissions.


In order to get more insight and details into this research and audit, you can check out the full results here:





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