At IECA, Angela Maiers Discusses Need Of Worthiness: I See You. You Matter.

April 26, 2018

Angela Maiers delivers the keynote speech at IECA in Austin, Texas.


Angela Maiers, author and speaker, delivered the 2018 keynote address at the IECA Spring conference in Austin, Texas. Over the course of the session, she discussed the concepts of worthiness and mattering in an educational setting. Incorporating activities, statistics, and talking points around the subject of helping students realize confidence and the simple idea that they matter.


Channel CCR had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Angela prior to her speech.

Drew Hailpern, Summit Prep and Mark Sklarow, IECA share sustained eye contact during a one-minute activity.

We had the chance to sit down with Angela prior to her speaking engagement to learn more about her mission, passion, and message to counselors.


Channel CCR: What is your agenda for your keynote speech today?

Angela: I only have one main point - that mattering is THE agenda. It’s not an agenda item, it’s not something that you do at the beginning of the year. Mattering is the foundation of our DNA. It is as essential as food, water, shelter, or air. This is not an ideology, this is biology. We need to know that we matter. We are geniuses. The repercussions of not feeling like we matter is a pandemic in line with humans need to access to clean water, adequate food, shelter, or safety.  


Channel CCR: This is a pandemic?

Angela: Insignificance has become out greatest single global pandemic. I’m not doing this to just motivate or inspire people. Rather, it is our deepest moral obligation as human beings to realize that we have value. There is something that you have, you do, you know that nobody else can do. Being humble is sharing that widely, proudly, and with respect and honor to all the other geniuses.


Channel CCR: You discuss this concept of inspiration versus action in your work. 


Angela: 100 percent of what I do is action-based. I aim to make everything I do based on action versus inspiration - although inspiration can certainly be present. The focus is on making partnerships. I have partnerships with over 800 military leaders, industry, and technology leaders. I connect groups of kids - from 60 classrooms to 60,000 classrooms.


Channel CCR: Angela, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, and it has been a pleasure chatting with you!


Angela: Thank you so much, I enjoyed learning more about what you're doing as well!

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