DACA Lives...For Now

April 25, 2018

In a blow against efforts to end the DACA program established by the Obama administration, Judge John D. Bates in Washington, D.C.'s Federal District Court ruled on Tuesday that DACA protections must stay in place, and that new applications must continue to be processed by the Federal Government.


 Judge John Bates, District of Columbia Federal District Court


This decision is the third in a series of rulings against President Trump's efforts to scale back DACA, which affects about 700,000 students, or "dreamers". According to Judge Bates' statement, the actions by President Trump were “arbitrary and capricious because the department failed adequately to explain its conclusion that the program was unlawful.”


Earlier this year, Judge William Alsup in San Francisco ruled that dreamers should be able to renew their status, followed by Judge Nicholas Garaufis in Brooklyn, who ruled in favor of a group of attorneys and advocates suing to block the DACA rollback. These decisions, while small victories for Dreamers, still place students affected by this downhill from their status afforded under the Obama administration.


For students, this thaw represents a positive, albeit temporary, development for their challenged status as residents and students. For counselors and parents, this means that applications can move forward (although it is unclear the speed and expediency at which they will proceed through the system).


In a related story, the Supreme Court has continued to deliberate a challenge to Trumps travel ban, which travel from countries including Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen. Several major news agencies including CNN have reported today that indications from the Supreme Court show that the court is leaning towards supporting Trump's travel ban.

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