51% Of Young Adults Without College Degrees

April 29, 2018

h/t Fairfax County Times


The George Mason University Institute for Immigration Research recently presented its research findings at its 2018 conference, stating that about 51 percent of U.S. young adults aged 21-35 have not attained a college degree.


More specifically, 51 percent of students born as U.S. citizens have attended two years of college or less, and have no degree. 


While this may not be surprising to many, it raises questions about the sustainability of employment rates in an ever-specialized job market, as well as infrastructure concerns for both two- and four-year colleges. Given that most colleges currently do not run at 51% capacity, an increase in college-bound and graduation rates would require a substantial increase in the capacity of college infrastructure in the U.S. and exploration into other avenues such as online or virtual, technology-aided instruction.


According to a Census.gov report issued in 2016, 88 percent of adults in 2015 had at least a high school diploma or GED, while about one third of adults held a bachelor's or higher degree. Attainment levels also varied by race, but not by gender. 


The Census.gov report is available here.


More information can be found about the Institute for Immigration Research on their website here.



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