Your Friday Admissions Briefing: May 4, 2018

May 5, 2018

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SAT and ACT flunk out in documentary 'The Test & the Art of Thinking'



Michael Arlen Davis' briskly informative, convincing documentary "The Test & the Art of Thinking" takes aim at those gantlets of supposed aptitude measurement, the SAT and ACT (originally, the Scholastic Aptitude Test and American College Testing, respectively; now known by their acronyms). We know they're an all-important part of most four-year college entrance requirements, but do they reflect a student's true exposure to education? Or are they just inflated obstacles with little to say about future academic performance or professional success?


This guy will help get you into Harvard Business School — if you donate to charity

Jeng Yang Chia wants to help you get into Harvard. He's one of the successes of the prestigious business school's rigorous admissions process, so he figures he's pretty well placed. But he's not trying to make himself a quick buck. In fact, he's offering the advice for free. All he asks is that you make a donation to charity. Chia said it's his way of putting his experience to use while giving something back to society.


College Admissions Is About to Get Way Less Stressful
In the coming decade, many campuses will be desperate for students. Congratulations, seniors. You made it. Not yet through high school, but through that even more arduous process known as college admissions, culminating in a stack of acceptance and rejection letters each spring.No one should have to go through that. In the decade ahead, there's hope for a less brutal process.


'No One Is Talking About How It Doesn’t Measure Your Intelligence'
Anna Sniadach wants to be involved in the democratic process.The 17-year-old Madison East High School student would vote in this fall’s elections if she could, but said she’ll be about a month too young. Sniadach says one thing people aren’t talking about so far in this election season is standardized testing."Standardized testing is a really, really big deal. That’s your college. That’s your whole life ahead of you after high school," Sniadach said. "And no one is talking about how it doesn’t measure your intelligence. It’s four hours of my life."




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