Your Tuesday Admissions Briefing: May 22, 2018

May 22, 2018


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Ask These Questions Before Starting the College Search
“Do you want to go to college?”  This is the first question I ask students beginning the college search and it is inevitably met with startled, suspicious looks. For many students, questioning the desire to attend college goes to the heart of unconscious assumptions and unspoken expectations, a hidden force field that encourages passivity and resignation. With the perfunctory “yes I want to go to college” out of the way, we can move to the more critical question that challenges most high school students, as they fumble for the “right” answers.


Even financial aid won’t help you cover these college expenses
If you think you've snagged just what you need to cover your college costs this fall, think again. That's because while universities give families an idea of how much it costs to attend school, those estimates can be inaccurate — particularly for students who opt to live off campus. As many as a third of colleges and universities understate the local cost of living by at least $3,000, researchers found.


College admission-seekers suffer for fake applications
The sufferings of a large number of college admission-seekers through the online system are still persisting, with complaints galore that their admission forms are being filled up by unknown persons or their college authorities without their approval. The complainants said they have failed to submit their applications as the online system gives them information to the effect that “their forms have already been filled up”.



The Power of Personal Endorsements
Many college applicants agonize over whom to ask to fill out formal recommendations, typically from high school teachers or, for graduate programs, from college professors. The annual report from the National Association for College Admission Counseling consistently says that the top factors in admissions are grades, the rigor of the curriculum and standardized test scores. But 11 percent of admissions leaders surveyed said teacher recommendations had considerable importance on making decisions, and another 46 percent said that these recommendations were of moderate importance.


Universities Quietly Collaborate with Facebook
At the end of 2016, 16 universities entered into an agreement with Facebook to help the company quickly develop new technologies.Now, a total of 30 institutions have signed up to the Sponsored Academic Research Agreement, or SARA, according to Facebook. But little is known about what they’ve been working on.



Calculus Helps More Than Future Engineers
I took AP calculus in high school, graduated from Georgia Tech, taught high-school math and finally settled in as an analyst at a major airline. I couldn’t agree more with James Markarian questioning whether calculus is the best fit for most American students (“Who Needs Calculus? Not High-Schoolers,” op-ed, May 15).


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